Project Homeless Night 2013 Project Homeless Night 2013 "Homeless Characters" Everyone took on a different personality to betray a situation of a person who could possible be homeless. 182851044 "Boomquesha" Portraying a homeless person with Bipolar Disorder. She was quite a character, she sang and dance most of the night....Lol 182851045 Family misplaced due to loss job Portrayed a family that loss their housing because the father lost his job and they had no further income 182851046 Single mother who's husband left Portrayed a single mother who's spouse was only source of income. He left her for another woman. She had two children to see for... 182851047 Domestic Violence This young lady portrayed a women who had been abused and left the situation with no where to go 182851048 182851049 Mental Issues This lady portrayed someone who suffered from COPD, because of damage to brain from Meth use... 182851050 Alcohol Abuse This young lady was in denial that she had a drinking problem and thus lost everything she owned and could not hold a job because of the issue 182851051 Substance Abuse This young man played a character with substance abuse problems 182851052 Domestic Violence Because of domestic violence in her home, she became an abuser of substance and ended up homeless 182851053 182851064 182851054 Raining Out Believe it or not, these wonderful people stayed out all night, even when it begin to rain down!!! 182851055 Vet with Pstd Young man in white was a retired veteran, who suffered from PSTD, and was in denial that he had it, so he refused treatment of any sort. 182851056 Crack Abuse This young man hustled drugs and abused crack. He stayed up the whole night, and begin walking around stealing items from every one...he really was acting out his character LOL..... 182851057 182851058 Car Accident This young man portrayed an individual who do to a car accident he had, lost all his belongings because he had no insurance coverage on his car and he was sued for everything he had... 182851059 182851060 182851061 182851062 182851063 182851065 182851066 182851067 Twiggie Pastor Hope portrayed a young lady who was just confused and lost in herself and didn't know what to do.... 182851068 Really cold and wet out Long restless night 182851069