Hearts of Hope

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Board of Directors/ Staff

President                                                                 Towanda Hope

                                                                   CEO of New Creative Solutions Youth Foundation/ Owner of Anointed Hair Salon

                                                                   Bringing years of community work, working on her masters degree in  Christain Counseling, Towanda brings her

                                                                   visionary gift and knowledge of the local community to the table. Respected, connected and loved by many

                                                                   members of the communities of Radcliff and Elizabethtown, she has worked towards developing after school                                                                                                 programs for youth who may be at risk of ending up in the juvinille court system or a " latch key" child.

Vice-President                                                         Brian Long  

                                                                  As a youth growing in New York, Brian found his home in the streets with a local gang. It was not until he was faced                                                                                      with serving 35 years in prison that Brian made a decision that would change the rest of his life.

                                                                  Through his faith and the support of his family, Brian was able to overcome his past and start a journey that would lead                                                                                   him to found M.A.D. Expressions; an organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth stay out of the streets through                                                                                         involvement in the arts. Looking back, Brian realizes his motivation was to create an organization that would not only                                                                                     answer the community' desire for creative programs that focused on artistic form, but would also collaborate with                                                                                           existing programs to meet the needs of every student. With the encouragement of mentors, teachers and spiritual                                                                                         leaders, Brian graduated with an Associate’s Degree from Mitchell Community College and immediately went on to                                                                                       complete his Bachelor’s Degree from Gardner-Webb University. He received his Master’s Degree in forensic mental                                                                                       health counseling in August 2013 and is currently pursuing a PhD. Brian works as a Regional Former Offender                                                                                               Specialist for the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

Secretary                                                                  Akella Edmonds                          

                                                                     Akella Edmunds is a Court Designated Worker ,who works with at risk youth in Hardin Co. ,through the Family and Juvenile                                                                           services diversion program . Akella role as a CDW is to ensure that juveniles and their families are connected with the                                                                                   appropriate resources within the community, and also help prevent juveniles from going further into the juvenile justice                                                                                   system. Akella has worked with the human service field since 2006 serving numerous populations. Akella has a passion for                                                                           helping others and feels that helping our community to heal and grow is a priority. 

Treasure                                                                   Debroah Golden                                  

Project Manager                                                       Demetrio Arryo                              

Chairperson                                                             Danny Freeman
                                                                 Danny has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Behavior and Psychology. He has  managed residential homes for abused and                                                                             neglected teenagers over the past thirteen years and was the Day Program Director of second largest homeless shelter in                                                                             Illinois from 2007-2013 and currently is the Home Supervisor for New Beginnings Family Services in several countys. He brings                                                                   the concern and compassion for the people we serve along with the leadership skills to oversee staff/volunteers and help them                                                                     understand their challenges as well.

Volunteer Coordinator                                             Channie Basham

                                                                 Channie is a native of Hardin County.  She is a seasoned volunteer as she has spent the last 21 years volunteering her time to                                                                     different organizations.  Being a Military Spouse has afforded her the opportunity to serve her community while her husband of                                                                     21 years has served his country through 11 deployments and over 21 years of military service. Channie has held the position of                                                                   Community Mayor, she has served as PTO President numerous times, served as a Family Readiness Group Leader, and has                                                                       held many other positions.  She also founded and Co Chaired the Fort Bragg Military Spouse Day Conference. After moving to                                                                     Hawaii with her family in 2010, she became involved with the homeless epidemic that plagues the state. It is an issue that she                                                                       feels very passionate about.

Danny  Freeman - Executive Director/Chairperson

Pastor T.L Hope - President/Founder

Akella Edmonds - Secretary 

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Demetrio Arryo - Project Manager

Brian Long - Vice President


 Channie Basham - Volunteer Coordinator

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